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Improv Theology
Innovative Leadership

Improv Theology

God is Creative. God’s Creation is Creative Too.

In the beginning, God created. 


It turns out, God is the original improviser, the first innovator. The church, however, isn’t always known for carrying on the tradition...


Improv offers tools to help us break out of stagnant routines – honoring the people with whom we work, the stories that inform our understanding of who we are, and the ways in which we engage one another - not to mention the mission of the church. Improv requires us to expect genius out of our team and the blank canvas in front of us as we move faithfully into the future trusting that God’s grace is running ahead.

The same God who was in the work of creativity with the very heavens, the sea, and all that is in it – continues to create in the present - in you & your team.

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