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Workshops & Retreats

Check out a few of the Big Ideas workshops Katie regularly teaches.

For each workshop, Katie provides supplies for activities, handouts/slides for your organization to keep, and resources to continue learning & growth. 

Unique workshops or retreats can be framed for your needs!


Paper Bags & Possibilities


  • Pastoral & Key Staff Transitions

  • Integrating New Staff

  • Building & Strengthening Your Team.


90-Minutes - Full Day


Everyone you work with is a genius. They're also difficult. In fact, we're all difficult, genius people. This workshop focuses on how to best function as a team - not ignoring challenges - but learning how to not only note the genius, but build on it to restore & strengthen the team. 

Break the Pattern


  • Innovation & Change Management

  • Shifting stuck spaces into possibilities.

90-Minutes - Full Day

In improv - the mistakes are the best part. Much of comedy and storytelling wouldn't be discovered if it weren't for the breaks in the patterns, the unexpected failure, or the intersections where it seems like no way is the right way. Finding yourself in such a moment? Creative potential and a "new thing" is likely a "yes, and..." away!

Walking Down Empty Road

Get Off the Wall


  • Fear of Failure

  • Stagnation

  • Risk Management

90-Minutes - Full Day

Fear can cause us to stick to what is known instead of taking the wild risk of doing something. The biggest risk we face as a church is not taking any risk at all. The data has not changed dramatically in the last decades. The church is in decline and continues to feel irrelevant, or worse, for many.  Risk taking is essential to healthy mission & ministry. Taking the first step is scary, with good reason: The hassle. The feedback. The high potential for failure. But once we learn to think of risk & even failure differently - we can begin to create, experiment, and serve as builders of God’s Kingdom here. It starts with a step – and it may as well be yours...


Contact Katie for rates for speaking events & workshops!

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